02/01/17 : I am afraid of the “What if”

I have finally able to wake myself up early morning to study and not play with LEGO or read through news websites. But I don’t know how long will this continue. Later on, I started watching the Big Bash League highlights. Pretty exciting matches to start the new year with. After the highlights, a cricket show came up and I got to watch Mathew Hayden and Jonty Rhodes surf! I got really excited watching them surf. And I started imagining myself surfing (laughable). And then I asked myself “What if I fail at it? What if I get hurt? What if people laugh at me doing it?” I realised I tend to ask these questions to myself very often and these inhibit me from taking up new things. Damn! I have to stop asking such questions to myself. Well, I think every day this year will give me a new challenge. That reminds me I smiled today! Ask Moksh if you want.

I read a bit and found a strategy which can actually help me tackle this situation. And maybe you too!

  1. Be aware of these questions when they come up.
  2. Think about them for a moment.
  3. Decide will this question take you move forward or stop you.
  4. If this question is one which does not take you forward, think about what will.
  5. I am worthy enough to try new things and I should not stop myself from doing that.

What if I get someone someday who says me this?

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Back to the Future

Our President’s Facebook page posted a few pictures yesterday. From the future! December 1, 2017! It supposed to be January there but I think they posted the pictures they wanted to post 12 months from now.

Image Source: I clicked this screenshot myself. Do I get a copyright for this? 😝

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