What’s the excitement about? Its Valentine’s Day!

How to get people excited this Valentine’s Day? Just start a rumour! It’s that simple. And it works. So it was a week ago that I posted on Instagram that what rumour would you like to start? And Aniket messaged that he would like to start a rumour about me. I don’t have a girlfriend. I am not in a relationship. And I really don’t think I will be in one in near future. 1,000 years maybe. And there are people who contradict the 1,000-year theory.

It happened two weeks back. Rahul was being stalked. And I was used for rescue. Rest is a story worth telling in real life over on a blog. And that was Aniket’s idea again. So this rumour he wanted to start about me was actually a repayment. Thank you. And no thank you.

So it went well. Nikita commented on one of my Facebook posts and it started a chain reaction. I don’t understand what got people so excited when they got to know that I am in relationship. Do comment below. It felt like people do are about me. Or just cared about the girl. And her unluckiness. Laughs out loud. I even got the title of Traitor from my friends. I love TR-8R though. The way he says Traitor is just perfect!

Just for the people who love buzz, I am in that phase where even I can’t decide if I have crush or not. For the past 2-3 months or so. Don’t expect a verdict for another 6-7 months!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!


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