Falling in the Trap, every time, again and again

It seems to be the cyclic trap of life to me. When I first It seems to be the cyclic trap of life to me. someone nice, apart from just merely recognising their presence, I fall for them. I don’t have a neutral mindset. As much as I meet them and pay more attention, the person appears more attractive. Just to make clear this attractiveness is not love. What my mind does is it ignores the other part. It adheres to the person as they seem. And it hates everything that interferes this attractiveness. It exaggerates the person to be too great. Not keeping in mind the faults and disadvantages, it becomes a pleasure to just meet that person. It’s a trap I fall in everyday. And it is a cycle now. Half of them don’t turn out as I perceive. I hate myself for the same reason.

The great Admiral Ackbar and the warning he gave me in 1983.

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