the mercy shot

A sniper usually aims for the head and the spine, and that’s where he hits. But in some cases the sniper enjoys what he does. He hits the leg, then the second leg and sometimes the shoulder. In the end, he delivers the mercy shot. It is considered “merciful” because it ends the physical suffering of the person being shot. This was quite common during the 2011 Libyan Civil War. Forces loyal to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi often used this tactic while hiding in high rise buildings of the cities. And I guess this would had been common in other parts of the world too. In my wildest of thoughts, I even think armies of the democratic world, who step up to interfere in other countries, do this too! But I am not sure about them, so I won’t say they do.

Wikipedia says that in many countries where people are hanged, they are sometimes given a mercy shot once they start suffering from pain. Though, many a times this mercy is not shown as the crime committed is way too heinous.

The mercy shots in wars made me think about the mercy shots we give to ourselves, and to people around us. Forced and forced by people in a situation, till they let it off. Or force and force someone, till we think to let it off.

How many mercy shots have you received so far in your life? Not for the physical pain, but for the mental suffering? By someone close to you or by some stranger? Or did you give one to yourself? I am curious to know. Comment!

One thought on “the mercy shot”

  1. I would argue that very few people actually have the idea of mercy shot and rather are just products of accidental or unintentional damage caused by meeting of certain types of personalities that dont fit in perfectly and hence cause friction or resist furthuremore i would like to state that suffering or mercy shot as you call it in your post are an essential part towards becoming better infact our learning process is based on that
    Hurt= bad
    Feels good = is good
    Yet our brain sometimes cant compute between momentary good or temporary hike of dopamine and short term suffering and long term benefit ( new habits etc)
    Humans interacting with each other are made to hurt each other so they can communicate better the next time
    Most of the hurt comes from lack of hnderstanding emotions either of the person you are talking to or you
    So in short hurt is good
    Helps you learn

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