star wars: the last jedi, a movie review (no spoilers)

Never walk in a movie theatre with expectations. Never walk in movie theatre to watch the latest part of a well established movie series with expectations. Especially, Star Wars.

So, yesterday, I watched the first day first show of The Last Jedi in Delhi. A total of 10 people were sitting in the theatre, 3 of them fast asleep. 2 of those were my cousins and the third one my aunt. My uncle and I had been planning for 4 years to watch a Star Wars movie together, it finally happened.

Two things before you read this review –
1. I love Star Wars. I am kind of mad about it, so this review would be biased.
2. I am still in a lot of emotional trauma, so this review won’t be good.

Of course, NO SPOILERS in this short movie review.

Connection. Conflict. Anger. Fear. Hate. Love. Cute. Past. Internal Conflict. Attachment. Future. Present. Heroes. Ignorance. Hope. Force. Extra extra extra Force. Bigger and bigger. And bigger!

Die! Die! Die!

If you don’t want to watch this movie just die. But if you do want to watch, don’t except things. This movie is completely UNEXPECTED.

Every 5 minutes you will think – ‘Oh yes! I knew it.’ And the next minute you will realise – ‘How even? Nope! I could not have even guessed that.’

The story builds up till the halfway mark, your questions answered from The Force Awakens, followed by ‘What the fuck! ‘moments in the second half.

Cry-o-Meter: 16 Sixteen emotional bursts of tears for me.

Carrie Fisher. What a way to give a tribute to her! Hats off!

By far, The Last Jedi would rank the first among all Star Wars movies for me because it was nostalgic too. Both The Last Jedi and The Force Awakens have scenes you think you have seen before, but it is a completely different scene. Like Tatooine and Jakku, visually similar but different. The Last Jedi features this kind of nostalgia too.

The Last Jedi is life! Literally and metaphorically. It is actually another metaphor for life, like all the other Star Wars movies.

Your questions answered in this movie about – Rey, Kylo, Luke, Leia, Poe, Finn, the cute Porgs, the beautiful crystal critters, Snoke (a bit dissapointing) and some new characters too.

Watch this movie! It is highly recommended. And it is worth it. It is funnier than all the other Star Wars movies so far. And more emotional too. And more action too.

There are space wars, light saber duals, hands on, force chokes, lightspeed wars, everything you need in the ‘action’ category.

Rian Johnson! Love you!

I would give this movie a 4.9/5 because Snoke was dissapointing.

I am waiting for Episode IX now and damn boy Rian Johnson would be writing and directing that too. But before that we have Solo coming up.

A lot of HUGS! I have been procrastinating to post about ‘How I started watching Star Wars and got mad about it’ and also I was thinking to post ‘Questions that arise from The Last Jedi’. I will post them by December 2017 end so that people are well through from watching The Last Jedi and so that I give no spoilers.

Sorry for grammatical mistakes, I am typing on a phone and I am really bad with phones.

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