Who do you TEXT all day long?

“Who do you TEXT all day long?” is a trademark of Indian mothers. Every Indian mother asks this to their child irrespective if the child is a boy or girl. Though the case with boys can go a bit more than just offbeat.

Well, it’s not all their mistake too, to ask this question. Average Indian teen (with a personal mobile phone) texts nearly 150 messages per day. The day starts with a “Good Morning” and ends with a “Good Night”. And in between, it’s all.

Yeah, that’s true. For both girls and boys.

Well to ‘ask’ is a human nature. But in this case how mothers ask also play the spoiler for the teens. Imagine the rudest FBI female agent ever interrogating a kid of 5 years. It’s like that.

Moreover when Indian mothers see their son texting to a girl they go somewhat like this:

And then there is a rapid fire round. Who is she? How do you know her? Is she good in studies? From when do you know her? Is she your good friend?

In case a girl is chatting to a boy they go like this:

But what problem Indian mothers have with their child texting anyone (till it’s not a stranger). No one can ever understand that.

I originally wrote this on July 26, 2015, on my old domain. This is a re-post. I wrote this two years ago and my thoughts have changed. Maybe it is now that both are asked and no one is applauded. 

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