day nine // 2018

It grew on me.

Throughout the day.

Tears trickled down.

Thoughts came faster than ever.

They stuck with me.

They were not leaving.

They were asking me.

I said NO.

I screamed NO.

They stayed.

I started hitting things.

I started hitting my laptop.

I turned it off.

I ran back to my room.

On my bed, in my blanket.

I slept.

I forgot.

day eight // 2018

It was a really normal and boring day till I signed up for courses at the Blogging University at I thought I couldn’t write a haiku anymore but then I wrote one! After 25 days, finally! It was the Day 1 “to do” in one of the courses. It felt great! And I think I can write more.

I learned a new word – forlorn.

day seven // 2018

I was home the whole day. I rested. I studied. I took a bath in the evening. I started the series “where things go wrong: building a student body in your school“. I so want this series to have a great response. I hope people like it. I am feeling grumpy. I won’t disturb you much. I often use a funnel to put back the extra coke that I pour-in when guests are home. I feel like a scientist! But that’s not what a scientist would do I suppose. My sister finds it funny. The amount of time I put in to pour back the coke. But then this effort is worth the time because neither do I end up drinking extra nor do I waste it.

day six // 2018

I got up at 8 today. But it took me some time to get ready for the wedding. It does not take me more than 10 minutes to get ready but because of a headache, it took me some time to take a bath and then get ready. I reached the wedding around 1 p.m. The decorations were b-e-a-utiful! Purple, golden and silver themed decorations. The flowers on the top and on the stage! The chandeliers on the top! And the tables! Everything was b-e-a-utiful!

It was Sukhman’s eldest sister’s wedding. Gurmehr, Saksham, Punya, Deepakshi, Amreen and Vritty were also there. Sujata ma’am, Rakshit and Karan too! They all are awesome!!!

It looked like a high-stress day for Sukhman. Of course, it was his sister’s wedding he would be emotional. And then all the guests, interacting with them and greeting them. And also managing all the arrangements. But he still had his winsome smile. 🙂 Continue reading “day six // 2018”

day five // 2018

It was a bad day! I usually fall sick around season change. If there is a thing known as allergic to season change or allergic to weather? That’s me! Body temperature wasn’t too high, but a headache and pain in other parts of the body didn’t help much to survive the day.

After writing the previous day’s post (11:30 a.m.), I just lied down on the sofa with a quilt over me. Around 12:30, I started watching Sniper: Legacy. I have watched this movie at least 10 times! And this is the only movie in the Sniper series that I have watched. But I still watch it. I like it. And there isn’t much to watch on T.V. after midnight.

With a bad headache, I still continued to watch T.V. till 4 a.m. Mostly AlJazeera News. I love their documentaries! Then I turned off the T.V. but still couldn’t sleep on the sofa till 6 a.m. I finally decided to go and sleep on the bed where my sister and cousin were already sleeping. The thing about sleeping on the sofa is that I have always found it better than sleeping on a bed. Until the day five of 2018. Continue reading “day five // 2018”

day four // 2018

Last night, apart from reading The Hard Thing About Hard Things, everything was boring! Songs weren’t good either on the radio. My sister and I did play a few board games, but my headache didn’t let me enjoy much. I did start writing the series Tigerair. Hopefully, part 1 coming soon.

In the morning, mom made parathas with a filling of broccoli and cauliflower. This was a first! Never had a broccoli paratha before. It was good. You should definitely try it!

I studied after lunch and around 5 p.m. started deciding what should I wear to the Sangeet party I was supposed to go. I don’t have many formal clothes, so I had to dig through my father’s. His shirts, sweaters, pants, blazers, till I decided on one. This was tough! But I finally decided on a blue blazer with a white shirt beneath and blue trousers.

I reached Hyatt at 8 p.m. And waited 40 minutes for others to arrive! 40 minutes! I talked to a plant to spend those 40 minutes in the open and I was shivering from cold. But after 40 minutes, I felt immune to cold. I talked to the plant about The Hard Thing About Hard Things. I made him viable enough to work in a corporate organisation. Continue reading “day four // 2018”

day three // 2018

Last night, I read through Chapter 5 of The Hard Thing About Hard Things. I have decided to do three things. First, write a letter to someone at a really high post. Second, make a Google Form. And third, write a blogging series (codenamed “Tigerair”). I don’t need a codename but they make the process more exciting!

Around 2 a.m. my sister and I went to the kitchen and made Maggi. I don’t like Maggi. But we still made it. And ate it. I still don’t like it. But the process of making Maggi was fun. Chopping veggies and boiling water. A big mistake – we added turmeric powder – don’t do that. We had no clue if we had to add it or not, we just did. Then till 4 a.m. in the morning, we were looking at our old school photographs.

I got up late today. And slept through pretty much half of the day. Got up and ta-da! Mom gave a treat. She made burgers. I find the burgers she made better than McDonald’s. Aloo patty, paneer slice, onions, tomatoes, green chutney, tomato sauce, and buns. Simple and delicious! Continue reading “day three // 2018”