Subjects I am not Interested in

Well, we all have our likes and dislikes, interests and moody thoughts. I would love to share about the subjects I am most disinterested in.

Currently, I study Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science and English at school. Well, I love Computer Science and English! I love writing codes and reading stories that I can relate to. I had to take the other three subjects to study Computer Science at school. And I hate them! I am not interested in them. I am not fascinated by them.

Neither do I understand Mathematics, Chemistry & Physics nor do I am able to think according to their needs. I am not able to imagine these subjects and their theories while trying to study them. I study them for the sake of just studying them and to do what every other student in India studies for… marks. I get marks: parents happy, teachers happy and I get some freedom to do other things I want to and I like to do.

Subjects I am interested in Psychology, Sociology & History (a bit). Computer Science is my first crush!

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