so honest, so corrupt

So this happened a few years ago. My dad can’t recall the exact year, but this is for sure after 2010. My parents were in Delhi to do some shopping. They went to Karol Bagh. Karol Bagh is a big big big residential and commercial in Delhi and is famous for its shopping streets, where you can buy all kinds of clothes, even at wholesale prices. There are even manufacturers there!

Today, I visited that place with my parents. They have been going there for last 7 years. It was my first time, so they were telling me things that have happened to them. This is one of them.

There are a lot of one-way streets in Karol Bagh. And also, no entry streets. One day a few years ago, my parents entered the one-way street near the Liberty Cinema.

Ten Thousand Thundering Typhoons! They were stopped by a traffic policeman. My parents expected a fine and my dad’s license being revoked. The policeman helped in driving out of the one-way road and then approached my parents who were sitting in the car.

He asked what should be done. My dad replied – ‘Aap btaiye’ (You tell). The policeman recommend instead of paying the fine and suspension of my dad’s license, it would be better to pay him off. He asked for 200 rupees! (Corruption!)

Trying not to pay him this way (because of corruption), my dad told him that he has no change. And only 1000 rupees notes.

Interestingly, the policeman offered to return the change. He asked my parents for a 1000 rupees note and shockingly returned him 800 rupees!

I was shocked when my father told me this today. My dad says the policeman was not even ashamed while returning the 800 rupees. He was so honest that he just kept 200 rupees, and returned 800 rupees.

By far, so honest and so corrupt!

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