A Restart Button : If I could start it all over

Well, life might get a lot simpler if I could start it all over if I could just for once click that restart button (if any). A lot of troubles will no longer even exist. There may be a bit less confusion too! I would be knowing the good and bad. I would have preconceptions. But is it not bad? I would be having a better assumption of what might happen next. But I would then also have prejudgments about people.

Right now life is as random as a roll of a dice. But if I have a set mindset about something how would I change it? I might have better relationships with people. Understand them more. I might not delay my work because I know how much I suffer because of it now. Suffer is a relative word though.

I might not have the fear of people, talking, the stage, other people’s thought because I have had been through all this once before. And I know how to tackle it down. Or try a bit better at least.

I might see a better path. I might know what I want to do in the future but would that not make life boring? Like it is interesting now. I don’t think that there is one person in this world who might not be able to outperform others given a situation now. The fear is of the past and the future.

But I can’t

Though I have never done anything good twice. If it is done once and is done good I never wish to try it again because I know it would be messed up. Like I don’t want to go back to the RYLA camp. There won’t be the same people. I won’t watch the same YouTube video again. Because I won’t be interested in it at all now! I know I would mess up even if I get to restart.

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