An Atheist World for Religious Harmony

Religion as it should be or was, would have been pretty good. It’s a nice concept and has been in our culture for years! But with time people have moulded religion in their own way. Hypocrisy dominates religious communities now. They don’t think about other religions (there are some exceptions as a whole religion and as some people from some religions). They find their’s the noblest. Whenever there is a clash of thoughts, which is not because of religion but people, they kill each other! There is no religious harmony.

Religious Harmony

Though I am against many religious practices but giving a long thought I find them all nothing but man’s own way to overpower others. I am against the worship of a God’s form. There might be a Supreme Soul and then there is your personal soul and everyone else has their souls. There is a connectivity, which I would call humanity and helping each other.

If we all turn atheist today, we might be able to think on our own. Not blinded by thoughts of other people. We might be able to think and act beyond our differences. We all might be able to help each other and if not that at least we won’t be fighting over small things.

Today, politics is played on religion. All major decisions are taken by the religion. Media houses differentiate between religions and everyone judges on the basis of religion. Religion was an idea to bring everyone together and not make divisions. But with time everything has changed. And I don’t see another way but to give up religion completely, so we can finally make harmony and peace.

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