06/01/2017 : Rain, Hail, Snow and my Name

Winters are always a delight. But this time in Chandigarh, I was still able to take cold water baths on new years. I remember a couple of years ago it was touching 0 degrees at midnight. But this time it’s too hot! But yesterday we nearly had a snow fall! It was a hail storm but it looked too beautiful! Well, it snowed in Shimla, so I think it could be snow too. The streets, though for a little time, were painted white! It was enough hail/snow to make snowballs. Cars were covered in it too!

Yesterday, I received a message from a friend of mine that reminded me of a Bollywood dialogue, “Mera naam hai Digvijay Patil, I am a brand…” It translates to somewhat, “My name is Digvijay Patil, I am a brand.” A similar thing was written in that message. She is on a holiday to Hyderabad.

I found Chaitanya bakery, school, steel production and restaurant, all in one day.


I actually studied for 4 hours straight yesterday! This has happened for the first time since Class 9 final exams. Those were the days. I miss my powers, though. I could have easily spent my nights with my laptop and still feel refreshed going to school. But now I need 8 hours of sleep. 68 hours are still my best for continuously using my laptop. I wish I could break it one day.

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