20 common problems faced by teenagers these days

Teenage life is the toughest one. And brings a lot of problems. Here are 20 of them I was able to think of:

1. Not knowing them well enough. Hence, problems due to their bad habits.

2. Not spending more time with their families. And then saying our parents don’t understand us.

3. Trying to stay trendy. And later realising how expensive it is.

4. Not being able to eat healthy because it seems too tasteless. Try it before you say it. Healthy food is far better than fast food.

5. Thinking they know it all. But still not knowing what’s going on in the world. Nope. You are just a kid.

6. Spending their time foolishly. Spend too much time on social media. And no time for studies.

7. Pulling an all-nighter and then regretting it in the morning. (happens with me a lot!)

8. Not listening to others. And congrats you have made some bad decisions because you didn’t listen to the people!

9. Complaining about everything and anything. Like you own everything…

10. Being close-minded, but thinking they’re open-minded. (I have this disease. And it is a bad one.)

11. Finding a soul mate. And then trying to figure out if they should be the first to say “I love you” or wait for the other person to say it.

12. Bringing the wrong people into their lives. Where do you think you learned all those words and actions? Not from parents. But from bad friends

13. Friends don’t support us. Chose them wisely.

14. Being too proud to ask for help when they need it. Speak up if you need help. Asking for help is not a crime. It will help you to take better decisions.

15. Thinking the world revolves around them. Noooo! You revolve around the world.

16. Letting the opinions of others influence them deeply. So that they can be wounded by careless, hurtful people.

17. Expecting others to change their ways. Why don’t you just adapt?

18. Not thinking before acting. And regretting it later on.

19. Not appreciating the little things. Teenagers look for big things to happen in their life and don’t even look upon the small things which can give them a lot more happiness.

20. Giving up on dreams when the going gets tough. Why? You set up a goal knowing you can achieve it then why leave it now?

I originally wrote this on March 25, 2016 on my old domain. This is a re-post.

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