If I was a Preacher!

A preacher is not necessarily religious, but one who preaches components such as a moral or social worldview or philosophy. This is somewhat how my preaches would go on:

The great Greek philosophers proposed that one organism could descend from another type. Since then many great scientists and thinkers have fought in favour with the thought of evolution. Charles Darwin formulated the theory of evolution by natural selection, the process by which organisms change over time as a result of changes in heritable physical or behavioural traits. But that was science. There was another side of the world. Where one was a slave of greed and the other living in misery. One without faith on fellow human beings and the other in love with the most expensive luxuries. Ruined and Conquered by bad. Here no one could believe each other and no one respected each other. Being killed by its own methods man was. The man needed someone who he can have faith and trust on and can take him on the right path. He then made a new thought… the Supreme Thought, the Supreme Soul. Man made His ways, the right ways. A path to a better world where people thought of each other more than self. But he did not know, bad finds its way. There were men who misinterpreted the Supreme Thought and then there were men who used it for wrong, again. Greed and mistrust were back in the world. He created and used religion to exploit man and his needs. The use of the 3 inherent human traits of fear, meaning seeking and territorialism to have his work done. The man became a preacher (like I am being now) for his greed and power. Peace Out ✌🏻

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