Overbooked flights and being dragged off!

I have been following aviation for the past 4 years and learned about overbooked flights back then. Overbooking happens all the time. Why? Because empty seats cost airlines money! It is all about the money. It is all about the profits. No reasons why I hate the corporate world. I still love airlines even though they cheat with us every time like nearly all the governments in the world do with their citizens. The situation is pretty much similar. Wait. Let us just talk about overbooking right now. So a few days back on a United Airlines flight a man was (bloodied and) dragged from his seat as his flight was overbooked.

Airlines usually offer money and another flight to the passengers being bumped off. And looks for volunteer passengers who would take the offer. In this case, too an offer up to $800, stay at a hotel and a flight in the afternoon was offered. But only 3 people volunteered. United needed another seat as they were trying to accomodte four of their staff and bumping the passengers who had actually paid. The man who refused to be ejected was a doctor and he had appointments to keep the following day. He tried to call his lawyer but the manager said that security was on its way. Three security men came and talked and then the man was yanked from his seat onto the floor and dragged off, blood visible on his face.

Though airlines are actually allowed to deboard passengers due to one or the other reason. But this turned out to be one of the rare cases. Airlines usually don’t drag a passenger out of the aircraft after he has boarded. Also airlines usually don’t bump passengers to accomodate their staff.

Chances of you getting bumped involuntarily by American, Delta or United is less than 0.008%! The number has declined over the years as people now voluntarily get off the flight if given an option. Airlines offer good compensations and board you on the next available flight.

People who get involuntarily bumped more often than not, do not make a scene out of it. But I saw a livestream by some not so huge Indian celebrity being buped off and how she made a scene out of it and linked it all with religion. People need to start understanding the reason behind something than creating more problems.

Airline son the other hand need to make a better system of procedures to be followed when a passenger is bumped and for sure not drag him out.

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