Today, I visited an orphanage with 6 of my friends and my teacher in school. There were around 30 children, from about 6-year-olds to 15-year-olds. We took gifts for them for Christmas. It was my friend, Apala’s initiative. They collected donations in school, contacted the orphanage, made a list of things the children wished for, and today we gave them their gifts. They were very happy!

They asked us riddles (we were only able to answer 5 out of like 40), the young ones sang poems they had learned at school (which was very nostalgic), then Nikhil sang a song for them (his voice is beautiful), we gave them their gifts (they were very happy), and clicked some pics. They wished us luck for our upcoming exams.

Being there, getting to see everyone smiling – an extremely different experience. Nikhil and I just wanted to stay there because it was quiet (far from the rush of life). Being there with them was quiet. We all were talking but mentally soothing.

Their kitchen was a mix of the one we see in the villages of Punjab and an urban kitchen. And I really loved it! There was a realisation – how to cherish every momentĀ of my life. And to be satisfied with what I have.

We plan to visit them again soon after our exams.

Merry Christmas!!!

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