Finding that one thing

I wish I knew what is that one thing for me. That ultimate goal for life, I wanted to chase. But, I am not the only one. We are so many. Enough to make a country of our own or a continent. A group of insane people doing everything for everyone but not looking for our own one thing. I sometimes think life would be easy if I were controlled by someone. If I had the element of freedom missing. But this has been the best. I am glad I am not controlled. Because I did not choose it.

We never get this choice. But we can make it for us, anytime anywhere. The world too big to find a single thing, find our one thing. Why not instead try it all, have something? Something that makes us happy. And others too. I often ask myself should we live for ourselves or people who love us or people we don’t even know. The only thing that strikes me is that we are inter-connected. Our actions make it better for one, worse for other. I would love to make it better and I guess you too. But do we get to choose that?

By the way,

life is not useless or meaningless when you don’t have that one thing to chase. It is more exciting. But we miss those small little moments that could form our one thing. Capture it all with your eyes wide open, hear as carefully as you can, smell it all, taste it all, and feel it all!

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