my grandpa, the partition and his schools

My grandfather was born in Lahore. He spent his early years there before the 1947 partition. In Lahore, at his school, he was taught Hindi, Urdu, Mathematics, History and Sciences. And he loved chicken! Chicken and schooling together do not make sense, right?

Then after independence, he shifted to Simla (as it was spelt back then). A new city, new friends and a new school. Here in Simla, he was taught the same subjects except Sanskrit replaced Urdu. This subject also changed his eating habits. The Sanskrit teacher had instructed all students to stop eating any kind of meat as they were now taught Sanskrit and they should respect that. So no more chicken!

The Mathematics teacher often lectured on saving money. He often told all students, with examples, the difference between a person who saves and a close-fisted person (a miser, a “kanjoos”). He also helped them make their own notebooks, to save money. A very simple process – buy A0 size paper and cut them according to your notebook needs. The cost of a self-made notebook was half the price of a new book. And so you can save enough to watch a movie! Of course, they did not watch movies, instead, returned the money back to their parents (and I am not kidding).

It was nearly 60 years after my grandpa started going to school that I started going to school. And I have just 3-4 months left with me now. Excitement and happiness and sadness, all at once.

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