My first step that went off a cliff

It is the big the day! Though I did not know about that. I thought it was still a week away. But then my name was announced. It was time to go on the stage (the cliff just to justify the title), behind that podium. Walking out of the wings and just stopping under those stage lights focused on the podium. And then I look forward towards the audience…. umm well there was no audience! It was pitch black. No faces, no bodies, no eyes looking towards me.

Then I started speaking. What could have possibly gone wrong? No voice modulations? Well, I did not practice much for that. So? Well, I did not give any pauses, no emphasis where required and I actually ate all of my speech faster than the speed of Rawalpindi Express. In my defence, I did start really fast but by the time I was about to the end I was speaking at the pace I was supposed to speak.

I remember the first time I had to go on that stage and walk towards that podium. Had to walk from one side of the stage to the other. I don’t think the stage is 1 kilometre long but it felt so. And of course, I went into fast forward mode then with complete flatness trying to give auditions for a debating competition. face palms

I remember the second time too. Had to give an introduction to a movie on Helen Keller. I bet I was faster than Flash this time!

And then today…

The stage was no more than 3 feet high but attempting a suicide from that height would not have been any different than jumping off a cliff.

Title credits: Shreya Seth (just click on her name)

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