03/01/17 : TV shows and films might be our best mentor

So I watched the new episode of Sherlock Holmes today. It was awesome! Though I did not like the ending. As usual I learned something new. You cannot run away from death. Death will meet you at that right place. But what if we never reach that place? I know that’s not possible. But think about it. What if somehow we get to know where (and not how) we have to die and never reach that place? Not possible, I know. I don’t know if you feel the same but I find TV shows and films as my best mentor! Well they teach us more than they spoil us at least.

Star Wars, Naruto, Death Note and Sherlock might just be the only series I have nearly completed. And they have all taught me something or the other. In Naruto, I learned the value of my friends, forgiveness over revenge, rejection is part of our life, never give up and to know and ignore is the act of a coward. Star Wars taught me how lust and hatred can cause more pain than anything. Everybody sees the world in a different way, don’t force your own. Be loyal to your friends. It’s never too late to turn the things around. There is no external fear. It is always within you. From Death Note, I learned if you have a weapon you are the first one in danger. There is always someone more right than you are. There is someone who would stand up for the criminals because at least I think they deserve a chance too. Every event is circumstantial. From Sherlock I learned how to observe things and how to have a controlled mind. And there are many more things you learn watching these shows and movies. I won’t lie but you can learn a lot from Shaun the Sheep!

The Day

Ok I did not think I would write that much on this topic. Hehe. The day started pretty good. I did my Mathematics homework and for the first time I was not scared to sit in the class. We followed a bus today. And waited for it when it went into the bus terminus. It never came back. Wasted a lot of time. I also got to know that I have no idea about the “Anubhav Bath Story”, something everybody knows from the recent camp we went for. Big suspense for me.

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