MacBook Pro (without Retina): not a stupid buy for a budget

About 2 months back I decided to buy a new laptop. MacBook Pro was the only laptop out on the market which met all my requirements. But the Retina version was way too above my budget. The best deal I was able to find was 95,000 INR, still way too much for me. Instead, the without Retina version was just costing me 65,000 INR. That saves me a lot! So I compromised on the newer processor and Retina screen and got the without Retina version with a RAM upgrade to 16 GB. That cost me a total of 75,000 INR.

Still, 5,000 above my budget but that much was fine. It is a bit bulky but still lighter than many laptops with pretty much save the configuration. No SSD. So takes a bit longer to boot. But that’s fine for me. I have just started my high school, so for me, all in all, this has proven to be the best deal.

Performance issues? None. Except for QuickTime Player but I don’t use it at all. XCode is working fine (the software I needed so badly). I am able to use Windows 10 side by side on Parallels with no problem at all. All of the applications I needed work fine: Adobe applications, Blender, Pixelmator, Sketch, Steam, music mixing applications!

So if you are on a budget and can’t buy the latest MacBook Pro with Retina, this without Retina late 2013 version is all good to buy!

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