If my life were a movie, what would be the title?

So if my life were a movie the title to it would be “The One That Never Was”. Starring me and my friends, directed by me — as it is based on my life. Producers — I don’t know. If you know someone let me know. 😛 I would love if Martin Freeman narrates the movie and music is by A.R. Rahman. Love these people!

Story? The plot? 100% my life. And it would go a bit like this… — A boy called Chaitanya. Flat normal life. No bumps. Till he reached ninth grade. And then the next 2 hours will only have the focus on my four years from ninth to twelfth grade. Everything that goes in my mind and the exact opposite that goes in my life.

The title I chose was “The One That Never Was”. Reason? Every day in my free time (that is 90% of the day) I keep on thinking about life situations which might occur in the future. I make a kind of plan to tackle that situation. And then nothing happens. But these plans and thoughts never leave my mind. I also keep on thinking about if I had reacted or said a different thing in the past when I was actually in a situation.

For this, I keep on thinking about alternative endings to my past. I also keep on thinking of conversations which again might happen in the future. How the conversation will start, then what the other person says and what I would say. And then what would be the reaction of people standing by. Like this (as of writing this post) I already have conversations scheduled for the next 6 months. But none of the things I ever think — future & conversations — never happen or can never be changed now and the past — would never change too. So the title “The One That Never Was” for my life-based movie!

So if your life were a movie, what would your title be?

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