PROs and CONs of not having a Last Name

When I was a kid, though I haven’t grown much, I used to be so proud of not having the last name because everybody around me had one. It made me feel so special! But then I realised I am not the only one without a last name. Well, I have a family name but officially I am just Chaitanya. Government records say so at least. I am still happy. I started using my family name as my last name on social media profiles and I soon got a cool nickname, CJ. Till I realised the game GTA, I had not been playing all my childhood had a character called CJ. This stole my self-thunder.

Why not having the last name is good…

  1. You don’t get judged! If I tell anyone around me my family name, they always think I am from this XYZ religion but I am not. Moreover, they don’t get to judge me on the basis of the baseless division of castes in India. Also, they can’t tell my geographical location. The first name could be anything, from any language to any country.
  2. Your name is short and seems minimalistic. Pretty self-explanatory I suppose this line is.

WHY not having the last name is bad…

  1. Please fill the required name fields! This is one error I have to encounter on nearly all the websites on the internet. Well, I don’t have the last name so I can’t fill anything there. But how do I explain this to them!
  2. Though I have never encountered any problem with filling forms in India but while I was filling my SAT application I encountered a lot of problems
  3. People don’t believe you! Can’t blame them. Especially the Indians. North Indians are proud of their family names and in South India, you have really big names including the family one. I go on Quora or any other forums they call me crazy when I ask them what should I fill in the last name required fields.

I think I am over exaggerating the same thing in this cons column. But there are not many. I really wish to have the last name these days… How about Chaitanya Hatake? Or Chaitanya ThreePO? Would they match my name?

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