its beauty, it’s temporary

Sukhna Lake by Rishab Joshi

Photo clicked by Rishab Joshi

My earliest memories of going to the Sukhna Lake are of the winter of 2004. My cousins were here and we were off checking out all the great places in my city – the Sukhna Lake, the Rock Garden, the Rose Garden, the Sector 17 Shopping Plaza, the only multiplex – Fun Cinemas, and my now favourite restaurant – Ghazal in Sector 17. We reached the Rock Garden by 10 and I got to witness, I guess, the world’s best “best of waste” art ever made! At lunch time we went to the café at the  Sukhna Lake, and after that we got a look at the lake itself. Spread over 3 sq. km the lake was a pond of calmness, with a lot of people on the sides.  It was beautiful. And there were white birds. And there were people boating. And we did that too. It felt different in the middle of the lake (behind the small island in the lake) on a boat, it was away from the fast-tracked life I was about to start living.

Over the years, I have been to the lake so many times. And it keeps on changing. It is not always beautiful. Its beauty is temporary. It is not even a lake sometimes, there is not enough water.  It also has witnessed some of the biggest culling processes of the region. It has witnessed people dying there, accidental drowning and suicides. Been up in news for its beauty and for the politics done over it. I have started hating the lake because of the people who have done a lot of wrong things to it.

The photo taken above is just a month older and its beautiful. But its temporary. Though one thing is not temporary – that different feeling when you are boating in the middle of the lake. It’s the same feeling I have had over the years. There is calmness, distant from the world around. And I love it! And I still visit the lake for this different feeling.

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  1. Let’s make a group and go to the lake after exams, it’s my favourite place in chd but I have only been there five times

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