incense sticks, an appreciation post

Incense sticks by Aryan

I have been experimenting a lot with my life but I have failed to click any photos. So for this weeks PHOTO CHALLENGE, I would really like to appreciate my friend, Aryan, and his work.

Around a year ago, Aryan started his YouTube channel for tech reviews and around six months ago, he started his Instagram page for his photography endeavours. I love the way he experiments and comes up with new ways to click a photo and shoot a video.

The above photo has been clicked by him in his room by lighting up an incense stick. I think he has used his editing skills perfectly in this photo. When I fist saw this photo I was not able to realise what it was. I asked him and I was amazed to know this was smoke from an incense stick! I love his photos and videos, and I love him too! He is a great friend.

Some more of his clicks:


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Photo by: Aryan

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