his name was in the newspaper

I knew him once for a very short while. We used to go to the same cricket academy. He was I think a year older than I am. I got to talk to him because his younger brother was my age. And of course two not-at-all good batsmen always interact, I interacted with his brother. His younger brother still lives in my neighbourhood with their mom and dad. But he is no more. He died two weeks back in a car accident. He was not driving, his friend was. They were going to their college’s fresher party. They were not drunk, they wore seatbelt. The car snagged and overturned. There were four in the car. He died. The other three cried for help but no one stopped to help them. I never had a connection with him. I had not even seen him in the past 5 years. But when I read this in the newspaper, it got me.

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