Frustrated on the India-Pakistan peace issue

War is between two nations. It is a choice. If India has been in war, I blame half of the war on India. But people in India only blame Pakistan. I get frustrated because of this. Why can’t we have peace with Pakistan? I have my friends there, across the border. They never said anything bad about India. They tell me about Pakistan. I tell them about India. We discuss both the good and the bad things happening. We love to discuss it all. But then we realise that both sides are same in a lot of aspects. Both the good and the bad aspects. Remember the Karnataka government officer whose hands were tried to be chopped off when he refused to take bribes? That has happened in Pakistan too. Have you ever tried Tandoori Punjabi food? It is the same on both sides of the border.

Pakistani people are as awesome as Indians and in the same misery as India is. Why can’t both sides make peace? Do we only see the politicians, the army and the so-called terrorist groups of Pakistan? Why don’t we see the common man there?

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