05/01/2017 : It’s all free time

So far the slowest day of the year. The classes were not ending. Or just boring. It was tough passing that free time. I really mean free time. Because I don’t see my reason going to the classes daily. Though with my renewed interest in Chemistry, I tried to study last night. And could not write. The chapter seemed easy. Just 10 pages in the book. I thought lets make notes. 32 pages. Why? I don’t get that too. Notes are supposed to be short. Maybe I over exaggerate them.

Till you don’t have a reason to do a thing, I think we are just free at that time then. We are doing it for no reason. Instead, we can find something we are interested in or something that can actually help us.

But the great thing about free time is that you actually get very good ideas at that time. I thought about 2 yesterday.  But I can’t share them with you. Like a lot of free things, free time is really productive too. As productive as our Wi-Fi.

Cricket Scorecards

I started making cricket scorecards back in Class 5. Six years now. I still make them. Manually. All by hand. On paper. It feels good. A good stress buster too. But it takes a lot to not take sides with one team or one player. And calculations involved! But it is the only thing I can say I can actually do professionally.

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