FAIL is relative and a bad realisation

A lot of my friends complain me that before the exam, I say I am going to fail but I tend to get 90% marks. I think it is time to clear this. But you can’t blame me alone. Akshat left 6 marks question and still got full. So share your anger with him too (Sorry Akshat)! But it is true. A lot of people tend to pass by a lot of marks even after they said they are going to fail. So let me explain this one simple thing.

When people say they are going to fail, it is a relative term. Failure is a relative term. For someone who is going to top the let’s not name the college exam, for him even losing a couple of marks can be a big failure. We are still kids. And I am not looking to top the exam. So, just to clear out my relative failing percentage was 85. 85 percent sign. 85%. It’s going down. So, that means I may soon even really get failed in the exams according to the school “relative” percentage.

That’s not bad. Because I just realised that was not my relative fail percentage. It was my parent’s expectations. It is always someone’s expectations from us that we term as our failure. This world is made up of competitiveness. Maybe that’s good. Because then that makes wars good too. And wars mean better inventions and innovations. Better standards arise because of wars. I can write a full post on this and also on how all the animals are a better species than humans! That’s for another day. Just remind me about it still.

We kind of need to give up trying to live up to everyone’s expectations I think. It’s tough I guess but we need to make our own choice. And people are going to oppose that. We are going to fail on their expectations. Life should be – learn from your mistakes and not just follow others’ mistakes. I am going to face a lot of criticism for writing this but I can assure you that this is my reason for failing in these exams. Laughs out Loud. Cries.

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