Facts and déjà vu

When I read facts these days, which by the way I love to do, I find myself kind of already familiar with them. Strange, right? It feels like I have already read them! Now my guess is either I have read a lot of facts already (which can’t be true, though I bet they are more than a hundred thousand) or the internet has started to repeat the facts. The latter could be true because people have even started repeating jokes on Reddit. This is treacherous on the part of the users! Never mind that, new jokes would come sooner or later on Reddit. The thing is I experience déjà vu of facts (if something like that exists)!

Recently I read on Reddit TILs that Tom Marvolo Riddle’s name had to be translated into 68 languages, while still being an anagram for “I am Lord Voldemort”, or something of equal meaning. Now I was really excited to know this! I am not a Potterhead (or any equivalent). But I was excited! Because translating a name into 68 languages is not really that easy, let’s just be honest. Also, I don’t have a surname. I am confused to adopt one. Would Chaitanya Hatake sound good? I don’t really know. After some time and after sharing this fact forward with my friends I realised I have read this fact some months back but I don’t know for sure. What could be the reason? Is it a déjà vu or something? And this is not even the first time this has happened with me.

I think the excitement got me! And it made me forget that I already knew this fact. Or maybe I had been searching for something related to Voldemort or the Harry Potter series in general. I am sure that I read an article on BBC. I have a really bad memory. That could be a reason too. Just for your information, I am kind of trying to make diary notes for day to day events so that I don’t forget them.

Before this Voldemort fact incident, the last one was with a fact on Dunkirk evacuation. But that could be because I am really waiting for the movie Dunkirk. Did you know of the 933 ships that took part in the evacuation, 236 were lost by the end of the evacuation?

Our minds are really complicated I have to admit.

Just a thought… have you ever had a déjà vu of loving someone? Like really bad. You currently love them but your thoughts say you have loved them before too? Let me know. I got to talk to you about the same.

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