dog sterilisation drive

So my city Chandigarh has a dog sterilisation drive going on. And yesterday they came in my neighbourhood. And there is this dog who lived in our parking lot sometimes. Most of the times. Mom used to give her food too. She was white. And I won’t be calling her a bitch (even though it is the female of dog) in this post because I really don’t like the word bitch. So dog only.

Now the thing about me and dogs is that we don’t get along much. Because I don’t like them jumping on me and barking too. I know barking is their way to communicate but it gets too much sometimes. So I am scared of them. Not that I hate them, but just scared. I can be around them under supervision.

So the other day they came, the private company/clinic the city has hired to the do the sterilisation drive. I was sitting in the drawing room. My grandfather was sitting in the verandah and in front of the verandah is the parking lot. The gate between them was open.

So those people came and she started barking at them. First, my grandfather thought she was just barking at these new strangers. But she was barking at them because they had this big net in their hands. My grandfather went outside. The gate was open.

She ran around the cars. And then she ran inside the verandah. Circled around, they tried to catch her. And then they finally did. She screamed a lot!

All this time, I had walked from the drawing room to my room, which is at the back end of the house. Why? It all seemed too much pain. For her of course. And I walked out. Because I did not want to see and hear it.

I did not like how they were trying to capture her.

Maybe she came in our verandah because it was the closest she could run to. But she would have known it is a dead end. Or maybe she came in our verandah because she thought we could save her. Mom used to give her food daily.

She needed help. And maybe she came in the verandah for that. And we did not help. This is killing me now. I don’t know when will they drop her back her. Hope they do it. And do it soon.

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