How to make a dent in the universe?

When you read this at one go “How to make a dent in the universe?”, it really sounds like to make a dent in the universe like we kids for fun and adults because of their carelessness make on their cars. But if you have ever known Steve Jobs, I don’t mean personally but like you know about him so you would have heard his quite a famous quote (though all his quotes are famous). You will get to know that it is something more than just making a depression on a car. “To make a dent in” is an idiom meaning “to have on effect on something” or “to make your own mark”. This quote means to make your mark in this universe, here being our world by doing something extremely great!

So how did Steve Jobs make a dent in the universe?

There are few people in this world who have changed the world multiple times. Steve Jobs is one of them. From the way we compute, watch movies, manage media, embrace technology and even punctuate our sentences, Steve Jobs and Apple have had an IMPACT, they have made their mark. Everyone talks about the iPod, iPhone, iPad & Mac which is a physical evidence that not only did Jobs and Apple invent consumer technology but they also reinvented it at least a few times. Jobs has had the ability to take technology, understand it and apply it to the human condition. Even his journey from NeXT to Pixar created a new genre or entertainment, gave us memorable characters and essentially created a new way to present stories of what it means to be human. I read this somewhere-

If you do not have an emotional response to at least one of the Pixar films, then we need to check your heartbeat.

I think Steve Jobs is the only rightful person who can be said to “You really made a dent in this universe!”.

So how can we make a dent in the universe (or try to make a dent)?

It’s not one thing but a series of steps. On which you continue you can reach for the stars and even make a dent in them.

  • Have a great idea.
  • Backed with a reason.
  • Plan it.
  • Make the best use of what you have.
  • Get what you don’t have.
  • Learn from the past.
  • Never underestimate your product.
  • Stay focused.
  • Work smart.
  • Work with the best.
  • Partner with geniuses.
  • Be with good people.
  • Value people.
  • If needed be an asshole.
  • Take risks.
  • Never be afraid to steal ideas.
  • Be in the game, never show your back.
  • If needed fake it, but make it.
  • Value your product over money.
  • Bet on your idea.
  • Moonshot (launching your product is as important as your product)

Steve had all these, and he made that dent which we still appraise of.

I originally wrote this on March 25, 2015, on my old domain. This is a re-post.

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