day three // 2018

Last night, I read through Chapter 5 of The Hard Thing About Hard Things. I have decided to do three things. First, write a letter to someone at a really high post. Second, make a Google Form. And third, write a blogging series (codenamed “Tigerair”). I don’t need a codename but they make the process more exciting!

Around 2 a.m. my sister and I went to the kitchen and made Maggi. I don’t like Maggi. But we still made it. And ate it. I still don’t like it. But the process of making Maggi was fun. Chopping veggies and boiling water. A big mistake – we added turmeric powder – don’t do that. We had no clue if we had to add it or not, we just did. Then till 4 a.m. in the morning, we were looking at our old school photographs.

I got up late today. And slept through pretty much half of the day. Got up and ta-da! Mom gave a treat. She made burgers. I find the burgers she made better than McDonald’s. Aloo patty, paneer slice, onions, tomatoes, green chutney, tomato sauce, and buns. Simple and delicious!

Another day without cycling. But the good thing is my cycling partner is feeling good now. No more fever. Nikita is still not well. During dinner, I watched Amitabh Bachchan’s Ajooba. I like this movie.  A good plot and well-directed.

It is a great feeling connecting with friends after a short break. Even though you miss them a lot during the break and it kills you, there is happiness now. Hotness is great! She is greatness!

I was told by a friend to listen to If I Go, I’m Going by Gregory Alan Isakov. I liked it. For me to like a song, write great lyrics, add a great voice to it and put some music in the background. And I would like it.

I would be meeting Sukhman tomorrow! I am very excited. I would also be meeting some more of my awesome seniors. Hope it all goes well.

ነገ እንገናኝ!

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