day six // 2018

I got up at 8 today. But it took me some time to get ready for the wedding. It does not take me more than 10 minutes to get ready but because of a headache, it took me some time to take a bath and then get ready. I reached the wedding around 1 p.m. The decorations were b-e-a-utiful! Purple, golden and silver themed decorations. The flowers on the top and on the stage! The chandeliers on the top! And the tables! Everything was b-e-a-utiful!

It was Sukhman’s eldest sister’s wedding. Gurmehr, Saksham, Punya, Deepakshi, Amreen and Vritty were also there. Sujata ma’am, Rakshit and Karan too! They all are awesome!!!

It looked like a high-stress day for Sukhman. Of course, it was his sister’s wedding he would be emotional. And then all the guests, interacting with them and greeting them. And also managing all the arrangements. But he still had his winsome smile. 🙂

I had made a Sukhman’s face painting on a canvas for his birthday in November 2017. But he wasn’t here in India so I couldn’t gift him back then. I took it today with me but then forgot it in Sujata ma’am’s car. Stupid me.

I stuck with the group and third wheeled around pairs of best friends. They are all a HOME TEAM goal! Food was delicious! I tried for the first time – Champagne Jellies and a Pineapple & Litchee dish. I loved them both! It was a great day. I still have a bad headache.

Sabah görüşərik!

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