day one // 2018

We came back home at 2:30 a.m. from my uncle’s place. My cousins are here for the new year from Delhi. My sister and my cousins were supposed to watch It but they slept right away. Till around 4 a.m. I tried Coinhive, a crypto miner for websites – which can be used to replace website ads.

It is a very bad idea to replace website ads as it uses the user’s CPU to solve hashes. But I found it to be a great way to start cryptocurrency mining. My MacBook Pro’s CPU temperature peaked 79 °C, starting from 18 °C. I mined 7 paise worth of Monero. Not worth the effort made by my MacBook.

Today I also played the Android game Win the White House. In my first attempt, I only won 208 electoral votes. But in my second attempt, I won 361 electoral votes! In both the attempts, I played as a Democrat.

My first YouTube video of the year is – The Student – a short film made by my juniors for our high school farewell, held on 29 December 2017. Unrelatable starting because I am responsible for waking up my parents sometimes. Relatable ending because I have had friends – made 14 years ago – drifted apart in the middle but now we are friends again!

In the evening, I went with my cycling partner Anhima for a pizza. A medium cheese burst for two people. It wasn’t worth it!!! There was no melted hot cheese. I don’t know why we ripped off the bill and ate that pizza. Maybe because we were talking a lot. We had a great conversation sharing a lot of stories.

We are thinking to go again one day and next time fight for a good cheese burst pizza. Coming back home, the fog was very dense! We could barely see 10 feet ahead at times. But we reached home in one piece.

It finally felt cold outside today. Winter is here! (Three cheers – hip hip hurray! hip hip hurray! hip hip hurray!) I want it to get colder.

It has been 24 hours now that Shetty and I have been sending each other just the red hearts on Instagram. Except for 3 words – Happy New Year – the only thing in our messages is the red heart.

Sien jou môre!

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