day four // 2018

Last night, apart from reading The Hard Thing About Hard Things, everything was boring! Songs weren’t good either on the radio. My sister and I did play a few board games, but my headache didn’t let me enjoy much. I did start writing the series Tigerair. Hopefully, part 1 coming soon.

In the morning, mom made parathas with a filling of broccoli and cauliflower. This was a first! Never had a broccoli paratha before. It was good. You should definitely try it!

I studied after lunch and around 5 p.m. started deciding what should I wear to the Sangeet party I was supposed to go. I don’t have many formal clothes, so I had to dig through my father’s. His shirts, sweaters, pants, blazers, till I decided on one. This was tough! But I finally decided on a blue blazer with a white shirt beneath and blue trousers.

I reached Hyatt at 8 p.m. And waited 40 minutes for others to arrive! 40 minutes! I talked to a plant to spend those 40 minutes in the open and I was shivering from cold. But after 40 minutes, I felt immune to cold. I talked to the plant about The Hard Thing About Hard Things. I made him viable enough to work in a corporate organisation.

The party was lit! (YES! I am using the word Lit!) Met Sukhman, Deepakshi, Gurmehr, Punya and Amreen after a long long time! Sujata ma’am and Achint ma’am were also there. Everyone wanted to have a drink but then ma’am was there and then they did not drink. Me dancing was awkward but I was equally supported by Gurmehr and Rakshit. We three don’t know how to dance. And did not want to dance. I finally met Rakshit!!! We have only had conversations before over Instagram. Rakshit is Sukhman’s friend from his earlier school (Sukhman is in college now, he passed out from our school last year). Food was delicious too!

I came back home at 11:30 p.m. I would be meeting them all again at the wedding on 6th. I am having a headache. I swear to Yoda, I didn’t drink or anything if you are thinking so. I am just exhausted maybe. It was a very happy day!

fأراك غدا!

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