the dark side

I won’t be lying if I would say I have always walked down the wrong line, the muddy path. I am actually quite inclined to the dark side, but my friends have always saved me to trip over that last edge. It starts at home you know, the path to be the fallen one. Hatred and fear. Anger and suffering. I quote Yoda here – Truly wonderful, the mind of a child is. Sorry for these Star Wars references, but I love them because they help me express. But they pushed me over. I could have become a thief, I could have done drugs, I could have started drinking and I could have run away. They are not bad things you know. And I won’t use this hypothetical situation of – I could now – because I did not. I just want to thank my friends actually. I want to live with you all. Or actually just run away. There is no intermediate till except you want to run away and live together.

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