04/01/2017 : I don’t believe in Coincidence anymore

I have had a thing for watching and analysing cricket matches. I love the statistics involved and I love to be updated with the scores. A lot of time I am not able to watch the match live on T.V. So I go to the ESPNCricinfo website to know the score. This happened for the first time around 10 months back. I clicked on “Team A xxx/x (xx.x overs) vs. Team B”. Auto-Refresh was on. I clicked. And the batsman got out. I thought it was a complete coincidence. But then again it happened. Not once. In the last 10 months, it has happened at least another 25 times. It is fine that a batsman gets out when you are watching the game at random. But it should not happen when you click on the website. Rahane, Warner, Khwaja, Virat, Pujara, Tamim, Mendis and Root are some of my victims. I don’t know why it happens this way. This can’t be a coincidence for sure. I need to be a curse or something.

Rest In Peace Richard Machowicz

This came up as a shock to me! He was the one who created my interest in weapons and equipment. I thank him for making me stick to Discovery Channel all my childhood. I owe him a lot. The host of the best weapons show ever, Future Weapons!

M.S. Dhoni retires!

A coincidence maybe. You go one day stand in a line at the temple and he retires. Respect to the man who served the game and the country b-e-a-utifully! Though I have a complaint from him. Why did you retire playing 90 tests? I think he should have played a hundred. Why did he retire after captaining for 199 ODIs? That 200th could have been just 10 days from now. I know a player does not care for the statistics. His purpose is to play the best he can, but still!

The Temple Problem

Oh yes! We went to the Mansa Devi temple today. I was again in the problem mode. My mind either goes blank or it starts thinking too fast when I enter in the temple. I start ignoring the temple completely. And when we are in front of the deity statue I have nothing in my mind. No prayers. No requests and stuff. I am confused finding the donation box and what to do in the temple. Bow? Say prayer? What do we need to do? Is it because I hate the practice of going to the temple? Or what?

Apart from that

Before the temple, the morning was normal. Nothing new. Did not study today. After the temple visit, we went to eat at my favourite Amritsari Kulcha restaurant. Also, the only restaurant whose Amritsari Kulcha I am able to eat. Some problem I have I suppose. Watched the Sherlock season 4 again tonight. Damn! I miss Mary.

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