where things go wrong: building a student body in your school

Back in 2013 I first heard about the Student Council (SC) in my school. Ten years in the school and I had no clue we had a student body. I don’t know if it was me who hadn’t heard about them as I rarely left my class or it was them who couldn’t make their presence felt among the students.

That year a lot of my classmates’ elder siblings were inducted into the SC. And that’s how I got to know that the SC exists! As far as discipline related issues were concerned they took good care of them all. I guess all of them didn’t work as required by the school and didn’t get inducted the following year.

Ever since 2013, I have known a good number of SC members. I have seen them work and I have seen them not work. I had always thought that they were an organised piece of shit, working without a pay to bring a change in the school. At least that’s what I thought. Bringing up projects they thought would help students to gain new skills, improve their skills and showcase their skills. We rarely got to know about these projects. These projects rarely took place. Continue reading “where things go wrong: building a student body in your school”