dog sterilisation drive

So my city Chandigarh has a dog sterilisation drive going on. And yesterday they came in my neighbourhood. And there is this dog who lived in our parking lot sometimes. Most of the times. Mom used to give her food too. She was white. And I won’t be calling her a bitch (even though it is the female of dog) in this post because I really don’t like the word bitch. So dog only.

Now the thing about me and dogs is that we don’t get along much. Because I don’t like them jumping on me and barking too. I know barking is their way to communicate but it gets too much sometimes. So I am scared of them. Not that I hate them, but just scared. I can be around them under supervision.

So the other day they came, the private company/clinic the city has hired to the do the sterilisation drive. I was sitting in the drawing room. My grandfather was sitting in the verandah and in front of the verandah is the parking lot. The gate between them was open. Continue reading “dog sterilisation drive”

death, dreams and thoughts

It all started 5 years ago. They were just dreams back then. My friends and family members came in my dreams. Once every few weeks, one of them died in remarkably new ways. I could not control those dreams. But someone had to die. Then the frequency increased. They were dying more often. Every few days someone died.

In the next two years, it came to nearly every two days. Whenever and whatever dream I could remember, it was about dying. It scared me a lot! Waking up in the middle of the night. I started sleeping less. Not because of these dreams but I had started to find more things to do. Apparently, these death dreams decreased because I was no more sleeping regularly.

Early 2016, I started thinking about my friends and family members dying. Every day these thoughts would start coming up out of nowhere and then I would continue them. Someone died. Then, I again started sleeping less. I would be studying at night and instead of the dreams, the thoughts would come up. Someone would die. It was killing me now. But I did not share this with anyone except very few close friends. Only about the dreams, I never told anyone about the thoughts. Continue reading “death, dreams and thoughts”

my grandpa, the partition and his schools

My grandfather was born in Lahore. He spent his early years there before the 1947 partition. In Lahore, at his school, he was taught Hindi, Urdu, Mathematics, History and Sciences. And he loved chicken! Chicken and schooling together do not make sense, right?

Then after independence, he shifted to Simla (as it was spelt back then). A new city, new friends and a new school. Here in Simla, he was taught the same subjects except Sanskrit replaced Urdu. This subject also changed his eating habits. The Sanskrit teacher had instructed all students to stop eating any kind of meat as they were now taught Sanskrit and they should respect that. So no more chicken! Continue reading “my grandpa, the partition and his schools”

the mercy shot

A sniper usually aims for the head and the spine, and that’s where he hits. But in some cases the sniper enjoys what he does. He hits the leg, then the second leg and sometimes the shoulder. In the end, he delivers the mercy shot. It is considered “merciful” because it ends the physical suffering of the person being shot. This was quite common during the 2011 Libyan Civil War. Forces loyal to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi often used this tactic while hiding in high rise buildings of the cities. And I guess this would had been common in other parts of the world too. In my wildest of thoughts, I even think armies of the democratic world, who step up to interfere in other countries, do this too! But I am not sure about them, so I won’t say they do.

Wikipedia says that in many countries where people are hanged, they are sometimes given a mercy shot once they start suffering from pain. Though, many a times this mercy is not shown as the crime committed is way too heinous.

The mercy shots in wars made me think about the mercy shots we give to ourselves, and to people around us. Forced and forced by people in a situation, till they let it off. Or force and force someone, till we think to let it off. Continue reading “the mercy shot”

incense sticks, an appreciation post

Incense sticks by Aryan

I have been experimenting a lot with my life but I have failed to click any photos. So for this weeks PHOTO CHALLENGE, I would really like to appreciate my friend, Aryan, and his work.

Around a year ago, Aryan started his YouTube channel for tech reviews and around six months ago, he started his Instagram page for his photography endeavours. I love the way he experiments and comes up with new ways to click a photo and shoot a video.

The above photo has been clicked by him in his room by lighting up an incense stick. I think he has used his editing skills perfectly in this photo. When I fist saw this photo I was not able to realise what it was. I asked him and I was amazed to know this was smoke from an incense stick! I love his photos and videos, and I love him too! He is a great friend. Continue reading “incense sticks, an appreciation post”