drafts and a short break

I haven’t written since day nine. I was feeling very low. But I am good now. Though my exams have started. I won’t be active for a few more days. I have to take a short break from writing. The moment I beat my previous month views in a single week of the next month, I was forced to take a break. But I will be back. I have also deleted a total of 186 drafts, dating as back as to January 2016. I wanted to make a fresh start. I will be posting my second post of the ‘where things go wrong’ series in a couple of days.

It’s my birthday today! ūüôā

being a zabardasti

Till about 3 years ago I never participated in any activities that happened at my school or in my city. Then in 2015, I did my first comedic play¬†You Can’t Take It with You. I was¬†Mr De Pinna. And that was my last play too!

zabardasti means compulsion, the action or state of forcing or being forced to do something.

In the last 2 years, I have tried to do take part in everything I could. Why? Because I just want to. And this has made me into a “zabardasti”. I force myself into participating and then I force people to let me join in. Continue reading “being a zabardasti”


Today, I visited an orphanage with 6 of my friends and my teacher in school. There were around 30 children, from about 6-year-olds to 15-year-olds. We took gifts for them for Christmas. It was my friend, Apala’s initiative. They collected donations in school, contacted the orphanage, made a list of things the children wished for, and today we gave them their gifts. They were very happy!

They asked us riddles (we were only able to answer 5 out of like 40), the young ones sang poems they had learned at school (which was very nostalgic), then Nikhil sang a song for them (his voice is beautiful), we gave them their gifts (they were very happy), and clicked some pics. They wished us luck for our upcoming exams. Continue reading “orphanage”


roundabouts by Me

This is the roundabout at the road¬†cross-section behind my home. It does not look so green because there was some construction work being done in the middle. My city, Chandigarh, has a lot of roundabouts. This one is ‘Junction 46’. There was a time when these roundabouts were a picnic spot on Sundays for some people. And on Diwali, people used to lie down and watch the fireworks going around. Not anymore. I don’t know if there is government ruling or what, but people no longer visit these beautifully constructed roundabouts. Of course, the number of vehicles has doubled over the last 10 years. But I remember people enjoying on these roundabouts. Also now these roundabouts are often the spot where people free the rats that are caught in their house. That’s what I have heard.

so honest, so corrupt

So this happened a few years ago. My dad can’t recall the exact year, but this is for sure after 2010. My parents were in Delhi to do some shopping. They went to Karol Bagh. Karol Bagh is a big big big residential and commercial in Delhi and is famous for its shopping streets, where you can buy all kinds of clothes, even at wholesale prices. There are even manufacturers there!

Today, I visited that place with my parents. They have been going there for last 7 years. It was my first time, so they were telling me things that have happened to them. This is one of them.

There are a lot of one-way streets in Karol Bagh. And also, no entry streets. One day a few years ago, my parents entered the one-way street near the Liberty Cinema. Continue reading “so honest, so corrupt”

flipping your lid

So while reading a book, I found out about Neuropsychiatrist Daniel Siegel’s explanation on what happens when we get angry. We “flip our lid”. Not going into any technical terms – it means that the part of brain, which is important for emotion regulation and moral judgement, loses its ability to control our emotional limbic system. Okay one technical term. And so due to anger, we end up doing something silly and getting hurt.

This made me remember the story of how Jack Daniel (yes, the founder of Jack Daniel’s died). He died from blood poisoning. Pretty straight froward!? Well, there is a tale behind this. This is what is said but it is not certain for sure that this happened.

Continue reading “flipping your lid”