bananas, mangoes, and the frontline

i was this big celebrity

and I wanted to go to the frontline

where they fought wars

and where lives were lost //

i picked up the newspaper

to see which country was being torn apart

and where my country was

in the name of aid //

(it wasn’t really tough to find) //

i asked my manager

and he drove me there

of course, first, we took a flight

but that wasn’t in my dream //

wearing this olive coloured helmet

i was escorted to the frontline

where i saw soldiers

from my country and from Viet // Continue reading “bananas, mangoes, and the frontline”


i wonder, what is the one thing
i can make, that will surprise you
and make you remember me

with months to your birthday
i come up with the plans
gifts i will make, and a surprise for you with all your friends

the gift is made
the surprise is set
but we are no longer friends

just a few days later
my other friend has a birthday coming too
so i start planning for that

after a lot of thinking
i decide to make a gift,
i make it with my own hands

but this time i am too late
12 hours past the day
i still try to wish and present the gift

i failed and lost you
i failed again and lost another
with the clock ticking one
i wish to live no longer

The Abominable Faith

We don’t know if Gods exist.
We heard they give their signs.
And there are people, who walk their path.
As if there is nothing to ask the might.
And there are people, who disprove their existence,
as if everything happens, but on its own.
Then there are people, in full faith and trust.
And then there are people, who earn on this very creed.
No reason, no meaning, the questions still arise,
One does not hear and the other too obsessed.