Seniors and Brothers!

Well, I don’t like to name relationships, but some are too important and deserve a name. Out of over thousand seniors I’ve had or am having now, only three have had a special place in my life and have been people I look up to. These can be quite surprising for some. For me, they have had been my big brothers during my life so far.

Back when I was four years old and was about to go for my first day at Delhi Public School (DPS), Chandigarh; I had mere five or six friends. Except from one, everyone was in my play way school. The one was Rakshit bhaiya. Well, he has probably known me from a couple of days after I was born. We were and still are neighbours. He is two years older than me and was already studying in DPS. We’ve had spent some time together. We were at one of the Art of Living programmes together too and performed with Casio on the last day too!

Let’s skip some years when I went out of contact with Rakshit bhaiya. Well in 9th grade I finally found out that he is two years older than me and has not yet passed out of school. The same time I met with Anirudh bhaiya.

I actually heard Anirudh bhaiya’s name when I was in 6th grade and we participated in an online cryptic hunt. He got 69th rank, I was 96th. In 9th grade, we designed Theme Copter and he was then Secretary, I.T. He is awesome! He is one person who has been into games. Playing and creating both.

Recently, from the day I’ve been the Secretary I.T. I have made a very good new senior friend, Sukhman. Out of the three, he is the only one who is still in my school. He is one person ready to do everything and take up new challenges. We are looking forward to organising TEDx together soon!

From the three I have learned how to study, how to hate Chemistry, how to be interested in things, how to take up a challenge, how to believe in yourself, how to adapt to different situations, how to respect others, and countless other things.

They are the three out of four men in the world who have helped me shape my life directly-indirectly. I see them as my big brothers because I don’t know. The fourth one is my most awesome cousin Varun bhaiya. Every good character trait I have in my me because of these four. Every bad one counts to my foolishness.

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