What stands between you and being happy?

Everyone wants to be happy. And the indirect goal of everyone’s life is “being happy”. Some might say they want to get a great job. Why do they need a great job? To be happy! Some might say I need a life partner to spend my whole life with. Why do you need a partner? To be happy! Some might say they want to spend their whole life with their friends. Why would a person even want that? To be happy! And there are times when some people are not happy. Why is that so?

Well, the simple reason is Rules, Traditions and Shoulds & Should nots of our world. Yes, there is a list like this. Of all the shoulds, the most used one is “You need money to be happy.” And then it continues into “You need a great job to be happy.” Even if a person hates his/her job they go daily to the office just to earn money. Because this world is at a point where the one without money cannot live on this earth. And the one with some extra money wants to live on Mars! (no offence rich guys)

I have heard “Money cannot buy happiness” since pre-school. And my 16 years have proved that too. People don’t need money to be happy. They just need to do what they want and not what the world says is right.

Other people would advise you, take that. Other people would control you, never let that happen. You cannot make a successful career till you don’t do what you want. You can’t just follow a flock of sheep who have done the same stuff to prove that money is everything.

If a person can forget about what the world says is right and should be done, then one can get happiness.You need to listen to yourself.

Also if you find someone who is sad and in need of help, go talk to them. This might make them happy. Then just think if you can make one person happy, then two and then three more, would you not be happy?

Humans were created to be happy, not fight for survival among themselves. God created land, water and air. Then created plants to live there. Then created animals for natural entertainment (not hunting and stuff I mean). And in the end, he created man to enjoy it. Enjoy it all, do what you want, do what you think is right and not the world. And you would be happy naturally.

I originally wrote this on February 3, 2016 on my old domain. This is a re-post.

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