I won’t lie. There was a time I thought Bartender 3 is just a luxury. But after using it for the last 14 days, I have to take my words back. Bartender 3 lets us organize our menu bar apps, by hiding them, rearranging them, or moving them to the Bartender Items.

Warning: It does not serve drinks!

What do you need to do?

Select the menu bar items you would like to show in the menu bar, show in Bartender menu bar, or always hide.

What Bartender does for you in return?

It shows, hides menu bar items in the Mac menu bar and also in as Bartender menu bar. Bartender menu bar is accessible with one simple click (or key combination)!

Some features:

  • Hide/Show menu bar items.
  • Order menu bar items.
  • Clean look.
  • Key combination for access.
  • Search menu bar items.

It did not seem much at first but a decluttered menu bar has helped me access quickly the apps I need and not be distracted by the ones I do not need.

I can’t really comment if it is worth INR 1,000 or not, but there is a 4-week free trial available for Bartender 3 and previous versions (Bartender 1 and Bartender 2) are available for free too.

Get Bartender here: macbartender.com