bananas, mangoes, and the frontline

i was this big celebrity

and I wanted to go to the frontline

where they fought wars

and where lives were lost //

i picked up the newspaper

to see which country was being torn apart

and where my country was

in the name of aid //

(it wasn’t really tough to find) //

i asked my manager

and he drove me there

of course, first, we took a flight

but that wasn’t in my dream //

wearing this olive coloured helmet

i was escorted to the frontline

where i saw soldiers

from my country and from Viet //

i met those soldiers

mine and theirs

they were so serious

still loved bananas a lot //

i heard the bombs being dropped

and went for the cover

and in the process

got separated from all the troops //

bombs being dropped

and bullets being fired

i saw “enemy” vehicles

coming from a random direction //

i saw some walls

and went towards them

a puzzle they were

but i had to find a way out //

finally! i saw some green

and yes, they were fields

i walked and walked

and finally met some farmers //

i offered them bananas

to take me to a safe place

because i knew

Viets love bananas //

they slapped me back

i was enraged

and then they told me,

“This is not Viet”

“This is Camb”

“We hate bananas!”

“Could you offer us some mangoes?” //

that’s when i realised

i crossed the border

far away from home

but with a lot of mangoes //


Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and my sleeping self, I mean my dreams. This is really stupid, but I thought I would still publish it.

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