Sorry : An Attitude Adjustment

Last night coming back to my home from institute – something normal happened on the bus. So the bus stopped. A girl was about to disembark from the bus. An old uncle was coming from the left of the bus on a cycle. The girl might not have seen him coming and she stepped out. On seeing her, uncle pulled the brakes, got imbalanced and fell down. The girl did not even care. She looked back as if nothing happened and walked home. She did not say sorry! Then we, all the other people on the bus including the driver, helped uncle. Thank god he did not get any serious injuries. Just some scratches.


A few months back, we had a group discussion on how devalued the word sorry is in today’s world and how people no longer mean ‘sorry’ when they say it. Today, I don’t feel that topic to be important. Even if a person says sorry and he doesn’t mean it, at least he said. There are people in the world who don’t even say sorry.

Many people behave arrogantly and disrespectfully to others. They live with their attitude. They don’t care about or think about how much hurt the other person might be I think people should put off their attitude and use the simple words : PLEASE, SORRY & THANK YOU.

In a totally parallel universe right here on earth, we have so good people and thanks to them the world is in a balance.

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