chaitanya : living a story, living a lie

18 choose your weapon wisely
17 a harder way
15 the all knowing has a limited set of experiences
10 run the night, a haiku
10 happy or sad
10 the dark side
3 his name was in the newspaper
17 i am not a scam
17 accept my weirdness
15 i have hope
11 put myself together
11 i don’t know (part 2)
11 a living dream
4 i don’t know (part 1)
2 ten questions i hate to listen
31 Hi, no more to say
30 Small arguements
29 Loved me, without hope
28 The twisted times
27 I want you
25 Stop Time
24 Held and Holding
22 Galaxy without Stars
22 They were here
20 If my life were a movie, what would be the title?
19 The Abominable Faith
16 Life Situations: handle with care
15 Why I hate Indian news channels
14 A simple tip on proposing
11 My first step that went off a cliff
5 One Minute
28 Virat Kohli and Abhinav Mukund
27 What are you going to do with the 50 lakhs?
26 Is Washington Sundar like – Jadeja or Narine?
26 Shikhar Dhawan’s Test trends
26 Search for another backup opener?
19 My ice-cream, a cat and the Christmas Eve
10 Ending the Myths
9 Facts and déjà vu
7 (do?) We have to be realistic
29 Mixing cricket, politics in South Asia
20 (don’t?) Gossip about your Friend
30 I wonder what’s mine
29 Ignoring Everything I Know
16 Recycle Bin : Why I always wanted to start a blog
12 Overbooked flights and being dragged off!
4 Finding that one thing
27 I just did not realise
14 When you are too busy crying out loud
7 Came along one friend
7 6 reasons why you are still stuck in your life
4 Who do you TEXT all day long?
4 pre Pre pre Mid life crisis
1 Frustrated on the India-Pakistan peace issue
28 PROs and CONs of not having a Last Name
18 How to make a dent in the universe?
14 What’s the excitement about? Its Valentine’s Day!
12 What stands between you and being happy?
10 20 common problems faced by teenagers these days
8 FAIL is relative and a bad realisation
4 Have you ever suffered from thought self-contradiction?
28 A Restart Button : If I could start it all over
24 The title for Star Wars: Episode VIII is THE LAST JEDI!
22 What I really did not know about Buddhism!
9 07/01/2017 : Let’s write a movie script! A dream comes alive
7 06/01/2017 : Rain, Hail, Snow and my Name
6 05/01/2017 : It’s all free time
5 04/01/2017 : I don’t believe in Coincidence anymore
3 03/01/17 : TV shows and films might be our best mentor
2 02/01/17 : I am afraid of the “What if”
1 01/01/17 : I think it did start good but that was a Grisly dream
1 If I was a Preacher!

20 What I learned from David Lelliott
20 Falling in the Trap, every time, again and again
3 Seniors and Brothers!
3 Subjects I am not Interested in
27 An Atheist World for Religious Harmony
20 Sorry : An Attitude Adjustment
19 Angry Young Man
30 Major boost to artificial intelligence, Facebook, Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft join hands in a historic partnership!
28 A bid adieu to the best physical keyboard designed smartphones, but they might not be dead just yet
27 MacBook Pro (without Retina): not a stupid buy for a budget