About Chaitanya

I am Chaitanya. 17 years old. Loves to code (sometimes). I know Swift, C++ and PHP. I love to work with CSS and make WordPress themes. In 2015, my friends and I launched our first iOS game – Theme Copter. I am the License and head organiser for my school’s TEDx events and have organised 2 TEDx events so far. I have won the State Level Science, Mathematics & Environment Exhibition (Chandigarh) and recently won the INFOSYS Chandigarh DC Hackathon 2017.

Star Wars I love. And I love to follow cricket and news. I often give my input on both cricket and news when talking to people in day to day life. Some times I feel I cannot live without news. But then you find a life partner and you live forever. My favourite book is All the Bright Places and my favourite movie is Dead Poets Society. Changed my life. I also follow His Holiness the Dalai Lama and love to read his books. I love them actually for the personal experiences he pens down in his books.

On my blog, you will find my personal anecdotes and observations under the “Blog”, poems that were written by me under the “Poems”, my views about cricket under the “Cricket Censorious”, my reactions on on going news under the “Newsstand”, and my views on political news under the “Politics” section of this website. You can go to them through the menu on top. Don’t forget to SIGN UP for UPDATES of new posts!

Here are a few things my friends told me:

  • You have been a nice friend and I am clearly jealous of you. And yes, keep in mind you are not irritating.
  • You have been a very great, quiet and mysterious friend.
  • A reliable source to take out the frustration inside. A true ‘lover’. Just have more f**king confidence!
  • Start talking. A great friend to be with.
  • I love to have you as a supportive and awesome friend.
  • A remarkable personality!
  • Move on from setbacks!
  • Weird in some ways, but a nice person.
  • The boy with the most questions about life! Love you for it…
  • I think you are like Itachi. Always doing the right thing from the shadows.
  • One of kind… I’m lucky to have you!
  • One of a type innocent person.