chaitanya : living a story, living a lie

About Chaitanya

I am Chaitanya. 17 years old. Loves to code (sometimes). I know Swift, C++ and PHP. I love to work with CSS and make WordPress themes. In 2015, my friends and I launched our first iOS game – Theme Copter. I am the License and head organiser for my school’s TEDx events and have organised 2 TEDx events so far. I have won the State Level Science, Mathematics & Environment Exhibition (Chandigarh) and recently won the INFOSYS Chandigarh DC Hackathon 2017.

Star Wars I love. And I love to follow cricket and news. I often give my input on both cricket and news when talking to people in day to day life. Some times I feel I cannot live without news. But then you find a life partner and you live forever. My favourite book is All the Bright Places and my favourite movie is Dead Poets Society. Changed my life. I also follow His Holiness the Dalai Lama and love to read his books. I love them actually for the personal experiences he pens down in his books.

Here are a few things my friends told me:

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