a harder way, a thought

This world. It is a harder way. To live, to breathe, to think, to feel, to even go to sleep without a whole junk in your mind. It is hard. Maybe our species was made for it, for the constant drama entertainment for the people watching from the sky. Or maybe we are entertainment for the upper self-centered people of this world. Yes, it does not matter what other people are talking. And yes, it is the hardest thing to learn that your dearest friend spread that rumour. It can’t be justified, but It can’t be ignored. Talk with your friend. Maybe as you say he was just jealous, maybe he interpreted it all in a wrong way, maybe he was actually playing it all to hurt. But we can always talk first. It is a harder way. It would be hard for him to confront you, not vice versa. It might be heard to listen. But if it all turns good in the end, you would be happy. Sometimes I really think that to live through this life, either I can play fearless or I can let it control me. Here, my fear is of hurting others. How can it control me? To not let others get hurt even if I get stabbed that too from behind. Too idealistic approach, I know. So, I like to talk after something happens. I would get hurt but I might save the other. Or it goes too bad, maybe eliminate the other from my life, not the world.

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